I had my fourth treatment today for my neck pain. So far it has worked for my pins and needles and some of my arm pain, which had a great knock effect with my sleep, as I’m not continuously waking up with pins and needles.

Today she asked how I have coped during my holiday. I explained that I felt better for my unbroken sleeps and my arms were not in any where near as much pain, but, on the other hand I had done ‘nothing’ for two weeks to aggravate it.

For the last couple of days I have paced my ironing as when the neck pain comes on I have to stop ‘immediately’. I told her how this is the first time during all my problems that I have had to frequently move my chair to talk to my friend, or move my body to one side, to look out of the coach window as it was too painful otherwise.

She is still of the opinion that it is muscular which was triggered off by the fall last year, so she decided another treatment with the needles in the same place should be the order of the day.

‘Some’ were extremely painful, other’s I didn’t batter an eyelid but I would rather feel it otherwise I don’t feel we have got the right spot. Usually the physiotherapist leaves me for around twenty minutes while the needles do their trick but today we carried on talking.

What she then found out from me was how I manage with my neck and lumber pain and how I don’t manage it in some situations. She pointed out that we all have our ‘fight or flight’ kick in with pain but sometimes when people suffer from chronic pain the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism in our brains does not kick in to say ‘it’s nothing to worry about’ but instead we automatically think it must be something bad.

I understand where she is coming from here but I do sometimes think that you are looked at on a ‘how you are on that day’ basis and not ‘how you have been before’. It actually wasn’t long before my neck really triggered off as I was turning my head to talk to her. She could then find the exact spot the pain was coming from and so she did some manipulation in that area. She told me to expect it to be uncomfortable for a while but it should settle down.

She did say is that the ‘Back Pain Team’ that I have an appointment with will go into all this in detail and it will be up to them after my assessment with them as to what to do next. I have a good feeling about this team for my pain problems as I do tend to ‘think the worst’ when it flares up which I guess is because I have had so many operations in the past.

The pain has flared up and I’ve spent most of the afternoon sleeping and resting with a heat pad on but as the saying goes, ‘no pain, no gain’.



  1. So sorry, Bar, it sounds agonising, and it makes me flinch to think that you have to be in acute pain before ‘they’ know where it’s coming from. Do hope it all settles down soon and that you are able to get the rest you need. Hugs!


    • Thanks gilly, I wouldn’t call it agonising, more uncomfortable but when she tries to push the needles in a bit more it can’t half make you jump. My neck feels ‘sore’ which I think was the deep massage where the muscle was tight so I am hoping it’s a little easier tomorrow as I have a lot on from tomorrow.

      We are going to pick Dad up for the weekend, then I am taking him back on Monday ready to take him in hospital on Tuesday for further heart surgery. They are changing his pacemaker. I will then stay until I think he is fine on his own so I really do need to be a ok. xxx


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