Researchers have found that brisk walking is just as good for the heart as running can be.

It can also lower the risk of high blood pressure cholesterol and diabetes.

They have estimated that a person would need to walk for three miles at a brisk pace to have the same amount of energy as running three miles, taking around an hour and 15 minutes instead of 38 minutes.

There analysis took six years and an article in the ‘American Heart Association Journal’, found that
the same energy used for moderate walking and vigorous running resulted in similar reductions in high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

You can find urban walks in your area tailored to the time or distance you want to walk http://www.walkit.com

Google ‘Healthy Heart Walks’, with the name of your local council or NHS trust and they will have a list of them all over the country.

If you go to http://www.walkjogrun.net and you can plan routes and it will tell you how many calories and how far you’ve gone.

You can also plan routes for walk, bike rides, runs etc head to http://www.runmyroute.com which allows you to plan your routes and gives distance and a free diary to log your exercise.


  1. Good brisk walks of at least 30 mins, more the better, about 3-4 times a week is very good for you. I have extended my route to about 50 mins, at least three times a week. Getting a sweat up is a good sign, along with a few aches and pains.


    • I did used to walk around 20-30mins every day but Bess is getting so old now she gets tired much more quickly so we only do around 10-15 mins. Your doing VERY well hutt. 🙂


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