‘Shoetherapy shoes’ have loafers and ballet pumps and they are said to alleviate back and joint pain and muscular tension.

The key is the 2cm heel and raised sections in the inner sole that help to support your foot.

Apparently minimising calf strain and improving posture.

Pressure points in the heel massage the foot while walking, which they say boots circulation and can improve the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins.

However, don’t hold your breath as an expert’s view was that ‘good diet and exercise will help with cellulite and varicose veins but shoe’s alone are certainly not a cure’.

I do LOVE my pumps though so I am really tempted.

After two years of product development ShoeTherapy is finally born and it’s first model is a ballet pump shoe, as this classic shape is perfect for day time wear and also the fashion essential of the moment. The shoe is designed for all women suffering from back and joint aches due to bad posture and that are looking for relief of swollen ankles and poor blood circulation. It’s also the first corrective shoe recommended for women during pregnancy and has a worldwide patent for its unique technology.

ShoeTherapy is the result of a collaboration between renowned French orthopedist doctor Jean Douhaire and fashion stylist Cécile Reinaud.


4 thoughts on “SHOES TO BEAT BACK PAIN?…I WISH…”

    1. That’s the thing bda, I buy them a lot but usually rather cheap. I guess I could only try them and see. They would probably sell on ebay if they didn’t work :))


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