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According to a recent study published in Medical News Today, bio-cellular grafts which are used by surgeons to repair damaged tissue may be useful for treating low back pain. However, not all sufferers responded equally to the therapy.

Results reported at the 29th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine stated that at 5-24 months following treatment, patients reported changes in back pain ranging from complete pain relief to no improvement. No patient reported a worsening of pain, and no complications occurred. All subjects who experienced pain relief also reported significant improvement in activity tolerance or a reduction in pain medication use, or both.

The procedure involved injecting a concentrated form of bone-marrow cellular aspirate into lumbar discs in patients with clinical and objective evidence of disc degeneration. Donald J. Meyer, MD, PhD, the study’s primary author said, “The results of our case review are encouraging,” “Currently, when conservative treatment measures fail, therapeutic options are limited for individuals with back pain due to disc degeneration. Many resort to disc surgery or spinal fusion with mediocre results. Our goal is to help develop a safe, natural method to boost the body’s own capacity to heal discogenic pain.”

A future prospective study is warranted, the authors concluded, to examine whether biologic auto graft treatment may provide a safe and effective therapy for lumbar discogenic pain.

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