Pain is the boss, we all have good days and less good days. Learn to make the most of your good days and to make the best of the others.

If you can plan in advance for things you can do when you are on a good day then it means you can get more done.

Some of the things that I get ready to enjoy when I’m going through a good patch include a pile of magazines to go through where I pull out items I want to keep or write about.

I make some hand made cards on my good days ready in advance for birthday’s and anniversaries.

I make lists for each room of small jobs that I can manage to do while not in pain like sorting out the drugs drawer or taking pictures of items I want to sell on ebay.

With one of my worst pains affecting my arms due to my neck problems I can be quite limited in what I can do very quickly so I also try to iron any items (like hubby’s shirts) that I find impossible to iron on my bad days.

I always try and pamper myself when I’m on a good day (painting nails etc) as even that can be hard to achieve when I can’t move my neck without pain.

I write lots of blog posts so that all I need to do is type them up and put on the blog.

I also find it a nice time to listen and download some music.

I take Bess for a longer walk.
I guess the main thing I really do on a really good day is ‘enjoy every minute’ of it 🙂



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