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As most of you know I have my foot in plaster up to my knee after a fracture of my 5th metatarsal.

Fortunately a few days after the fracture I was already booked into the hospital for some pain relieving injections in my back, and for the first time we decided we were going to try one in each shoulder for neck pain as well.

Both have been a great success although my back is obviously playing up a bit with the use of the crutches, but my neck has been on top form. I am of course not doing much, but all the same I was convinced the crutches would irritate my neck and back a lot more.

However I have been and still am in terrible pain with my knee. Its the knee that has the cast on it. At first I thought it was probably just because of the carrying of the cast and the special boot which are both quite heavy. It did actually settle down a little so that more than convinced me it must be that, but it suddenly started again and is a lot more painful this time round.

I have the cast off in 12 days time and so I am just hoping that the knee is going to settle down, and that its not another problem.


2 thoughts on “PAIN WHILE IN PLASTER…

  1. Oh Barmac. You suffer so much, and yet you pass on items and ways to help others find respite from the same pain that hurts you. Twelve more days. I keep fingers crossed that this time it will work. I want your knee especially, to be perfect again. Thinking of you, dear friend: JW XX


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