The OM Yoga Show takes place at Olympia National in London, on Friday 25th October 11am – 6pm, Saturday 26th October 10am –6pm, and Sunday 27th October 10am – 5pm.
Tickets are available from the OM Yoga Website

Each year they bring a new dimension to the OM Yoga Show and this year, they say, is no exception.

With the rise in popularity of hot yoga, they can offer a Hot Pod Yoga. A full schedule of hot vinyasa yoga is available in a pop up inflatable studio which is heated to 37 degrees. I’ve heard so much about how amazing you feel after the hot yoga class.

There is also the Temple of OM for continuous chanting and meditation. Feel the vibration from the chant of the sacred OM.

For the more adventurous, try out the Yoga Swings. With flying yoga and inversion, see how you can reach new heights in your Yoga practice.

If you have thoughts of becoming a Yoga teacher, running workshops and retreats or starting your own Yoga studio, then the OM Yoga Business Conference is where you need to be. These full day sessions cover the vital information you need to know, and is delivered by industry experts.
They also want you to join them in breaking the World Record for the most people attempting a headstand. Take part in ‘600 Feet in the Air’ and register online on the show site to take part.

This year you can also visit the Mind Body Soul Experience for FREE!

They are offering all visitors to the OM Yoga Show the chance to visit the Mind Body Soul Experience at no extra charge.

So while you are at the OM Yoga Show you can also drop in to the Mind Body Soul Experience to discover a whole new dimension. The Mind Body Soul Experience is being held in Olympia’s neighbouring hall.

The Mind Body Soul Experience covers complementary health, spiritual awareness and personal development and it is the largest show of its type in the UK. The central feature of the show is the Experience Zone where you can try out a variety of fun activities including Zumba, Tai Chi, Bollywood Dance, Hula Hooping, Belly Dancing and even Salsa.

New at this year’s show is the Labyrinth Experience. Dating back over 4000 years, labyrinths have a long association with spirituality, ritual and sacred dance. Find out more by taking a guided walk.

With a full programme of lectures, workshops and demonstrations, Mind Body Soul offers an experience like no other.

Full details can be found online at

Its a good job it’s on for a few days as I am sure you won’t be able to get through all that lot in one day.



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