Just in case you haven’t seen the news today. Andy Murray underwent surgery yesterday in an attempt to ease the back pain with which he had been playing for the past 18 months. Details of the procedure were not made public but it is understood he was due to have a micro-discectomy to release the pressure on his sciatic nerve.

A micro-discectomy uses a special microscope to view the disc and nerves. This larger view allows the surgeon to use a smaller cut. This means less damage to surrounding tissue. The surgeon removes the part of the disc that is herniated and is pushing into the spinal canal. Any loose fragments of disc are also removed.

Murray last night issued a post-operative picture from his hospital bed and revealed that his first words upon waking up from the anaesthetic were: “Did I win?” He posted the picture on Twitter, and thanked his followers for supportive messages.

Fingers crossed for a healthy recovery for Andy.



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