posture genie

The Posture Genie corrects your posture naturally as you drive, thus avoiding the strain that is placed on the left sacro-iliac joint from constant repetitive use of the right leg whilst driving a motor vehicle.

Whilst using a car with a clutch the left leg is used on occasion, the infrequency that is created in the pelvic bones, hips and lower back is enough to start an inflammatory chain of events.

The motor vehicle seat design has remained somewhat unchanged for over a 100 years with perhaps the higher end motor vehicle having better quality materials. However this is not a failsafe as materials are subject to wear and tear somewhat like your shoes.

When seated your pelvic bones act as your feet in the same way as you would do when standing or moving. Therefore having the weight distribution correct whilst seated would perhaps seem logical.
They say the Posture Genie will drive away your back pain.


  1. Car seats can be terrible so anything that helps will be useful to people. My tip for what it is worth is to keep the small of your back right against the back of the seat and then try not to slip down – can be tricky on a long journey but will help you to keep a slightly better posture or as good as a car seat will allow.


    1. Thanks Mike, that’s good advice. I have also used a lumber roll before but found that moved around a lot and a coccyx cushion which I use all the time. Like you say anything helps on long journeys.


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