The Yantra Kit works with the same acupuncture principles as the Yantra Mat and is designed to help target specific areas by concentrating on targeted contact points along the 12 main meridians of your body to ease pain and insomnia. Its available from Lifes 2 Good http://www.lifes2good.co.uk

The Yoga Kit, from Yoga-Mad which contains a mat, blocks, belt and stripy bag to hold it all in. Yoga can really help back pain. You can buy it from Yoga- Mad or Amazon. http://www.yogamad.com/

The Bio Lamp is a unique blend of 33 essential minerals infused ceramic healing elements. It is one of the best methods of treating arthritic pain in the back, knee, hips, legs, shoulders and wrist
It works similar to acupuncture treating pain via acupoints but without the needles. Its available from Bio Lamps http://www.biolamps.com

The Rophi Cushion helps relieve back pain. It helps to align the spine and pelvis whilst you sleep relaxing your back muscles and allowing them to heal naturally. It is fully endorsed by BackCare and can be bought on prescription. http://www.rophi.co.uk/

The Homedics Compact Percussion Massager with heat. Its a lightweight massager which combines heat and vibration to relieve pain, and is particularly effecting for relaxing muscles that have gone into spasm. Its available from Amazon and a few other places online including ebay.

Heat Pads for back pain, Deep Heat and Cura-Heat which are both available in most chemists and supermarkets.

The Dreamland Thermo Therapy Heat Pad is something I use throughout the winter and was one of my best Christmas presents a few years ago. This is also available from Boots and other specialist chemists, ebay and Argos.

Massage Vouchers which you can find on all the Voucher sites like Groupon, Living Social and Wowcher. A good back massage is such an ideal present for someone suffering from back pain.

Fine Back Furniture sells adjustable footrests, tempur transit pillows, lumber supports, travel pillows and lots more. http://www.fineback.co.uk

And of course an email subscription or Kindle subscription to my Back Pain Blog, for the most up to date posts on treatments for back pain relief.

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  1. Quite a list there. I was back to Physio Wednesday. A good back massage awaited me. Back to a short walk yesterday and this evening. On the way back. I just have to stop being such an idiot and thinking I’m 29 and not 69 yrs.Its hard.


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