X ray

According to the Daily Mail’s Good Health section, surgeons usually use metal plates, screws or rods to stabilize shattered bones. But US scientists have now developed a less invasive treatment, which they say, will make recovery times for fractures much quicker.

They insert a tiny tube (a catheter) with a balloon on the end into the hollow centre of the bone until it reaches the fracture. The balloon is then filled with a special liquid which is designed to stay fluid until exposed to light.

A fibre optic cable is then fed into the balloon and when the light is switched on, the liquid hardens in 90 seconds into a cement like substance that fills the bones interior. This then pushes the fractured bone(s) back into place, supported from the inside.

How clever is that?

The patient only needs a couple of stitches and can put weight onto the damaged bone straight away. The balloon then stays in place and usually the metal fixings are removed during a second operation.


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