Infrared Light Therapy for pain is being called ‘The best kept secret for pain relief’.

Natural and safe, infrared therapy is recommended for the relief of muscular pain, sore muscles, arthritis, bursitis, back- ache, tennis elbow, joint pain and related pains.

All you do is aim the light to the painful area, then the deep penetrating infrared energy will be felt as a gentle warmth in the treated area. Taut muscles will then loosen up to give much needed relief.

Its 200W infrared warmth is very comfortable and penetrates deep into the skin, improving blood circulation and this begins the healing process as pain is relieved.

Philips make a 200w infrared light for £39.99 which states, ‘Philips Infracare gives effective pain relief for muscles and joints’. Another plus point of course is that there are no side effects but just like anything else you might try, speak with your GP before buying one of these units.

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