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Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine founded by a German physician Samuel Hahnemann himself an orthodox Doctor (M.D) in 1796.

The name is derived from two Greek words that mean ?like disease?, basically ?like cures like?.

He established the law of ‘similar similibus curentur’ ? the law of similitude ? (disorders can be cured with substances which behave in a similar way). When a poison is causing certain symptoms, the same poison, but very highly diluted can be used to cure these symptoms.

Samuel Hahnemann was disliked by the pharmacists at that time, who were the traditional suppliers of medicines to doctors because he only needed one ingredient at a time whereas pharmacists needed hundreds of ingredients.

He was then banned from working in different regions so he had to move his family from village to village to escape legal threats and injunctions from medical establishment.

Homeopathy is the 3rd most popular method of healing in India, after conventional medicine and Ayurveda. Nine million people use it in Brazil and in some developing countries like India, Brazil, Mexico and Cuba, where homeopathy is integrated into the system of healthcare.

In countries such as India, Mexico, Pakistan and South Africa homeopathy is on an equal level with conventional medicine, and it is also recognised in countries like Bangladesh, Singapore, Dubai, and Malaysia etc.

It is also recognised in Germany, Switzerland and Canada and in countries such as Australia and New Zealand where its developing into a complete healthcare profession and is receiving government recognition.

The theory is actually quite simple as they simply take all the patients symptoms, then find a matching remedy i.e. something that could cause similar symptoms in a healthy person.

A qualified and experienced homeopath can sometimes cure serious chronic diseases when traditional medicine can do nothing any more and when used in the right way.

They are made from the elements found in nature i.e. mineral, animal and plant extracts which are the base of the remedies which are then diluted to avoid side effects. By knowing the toxic effects of a herb, mineral or animal fluid, a homeopath can then turn it into a homepathic remedy which will then have the direct opposite effect and with no side effects or reactions.


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