Back WarmersKwik Heat Packs say they are always trying to look for the next innovation to make their heat packs even better.

They’re ergonomically designed to snugly fit different parts of the body. You don’t need to be near a microwave or a power socket to use them. They don’t get mouldy. They always reach the same temperature when you activate them, so you know you’re not going to burn yourself or other people. Some of them come with a pouch so you can just strap the heat pack to your body and get on with things.

Reusable heat packs are much less wasteful than single-use ones. You can save energy by not using a microwave. The salt solution in their heat packs is food grade and completely not toxic, while the plastic is now phthalate-free.

Head to Kwikheat Packs website for prices and more details.



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