I’m sure at some time or other most of us would have used a health site to find what our problems are, well with so many to choose from your never quite sure which is the best to use. The list below are the ones that have been in the top best health websites for a few years.

1 an excellent site to get through with in-depth information. Easy to read and simple to use. The best bit is it will will either put your mind at ease or tell you to phone the GP asap.


2 one of America’s top health site which blends award-winning expertise in medicine, journalism, health communication and content creation to bring you the best health information possible. It states it has 17m users a month and is actually easy to use. It also has a hand review of prescription medicines by other users.


3 this long-established site packages videos, forums and advice, and a description of every ailment (and its symptoms) known to man.


4 this site has photo slideshow which can help you decide on your problem and also could help you to identify insects and their bites.

5 it does exactly what it says on the tin for FREE, tailored towards women but some videos for fellas as well.

6 this one actually claims to be the world’s largest health community full of busy online forums, with topics on almost anything you can think of.


7 this is the latest electronic bookings and referrals system for England which gives you the choice of at least four hospitals or clinics to choose from for any medical appointment.


8 this has a database of 6,500 medicines, all with downloadable PDF’s of the original sheets. All you need to know about your drugs under one roof. Also easy to access the details.


9 this is a charity run good site for men’s health for men who don’t like going to the Doctors.


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