The Lumbacurve initially provides a passive gravity assisted traction (PGAT) – which gently stretches the lower back, causing the vertebral joints to separate.

This in turn, relaxes the discs and frees up the spinal nerves, thus giving back pain relief, as practised by Western physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and Osteopaths.

In addition to this Lumbacurve design features provide the combined benefits of shiatsu stimulation, yogic stretch, and acupressure massage, all recognised techniques, employed in Traditional Oriental Medicine making it one of the most natuaral cures for back pain.

LumbaCurve International director David Pegg commented “Trials with users and customer feedback has been very encouraging in terms of the effectiveness of LumbaCurve in helping to reduce stiffness, increase mobility, and improve posture.

However these endorsement and testimonials are subjective rather than objective and scientific, hence the need for this research into the effectiveness of LumbaCurve as a natural cure for back pain, through scientific evaluation and validation.’

They are optimistic that a successful outcome of the clinical trial will lead to the potential publication of a scientific paper on the effectiveness of LumbaCurve back pain therapy.

This simple to use product can be used by either healthcare practitioners in the treatment room in conjunction with their own therapy, or by individual sufferers.

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