According to an article on Yang Sheng’s Cultivate Qi for Mind Body and Spirit, website.

It says that dance therapy can be an effective item to include in your fibromyalgia treatment plan but it should be kept in mind not to exert yourself too much to obtain maximum results.

In prior studies the dance intervention was performed once or twice a week and intensity was also moderate. If you want to start dance therapy, then Yang Sheng suggest you go to fibromyalgia treatment clinic and ask your health care professional that will guide you about this therapy after knowing your condition with a physical examination.



  1. Thanks for this, Bar – although now I’ve got arthritis in my foot dancing is no longer a possibility 😦 I was wondering today whether massage or even chiropractic would help, as I have a flare-up at the moment 😦 😦


    • Gill, that is sooooooo strange as I have also been diagnosed with arthritis in my right foot which was the one I had the arthritic big toe bone taken out and also the one I went over on last year. The extra of my metatarsal break showed I also had arthritis in that foot and now my left big toe is giving me loads of pain. It really doesn’t help us to keep fit does it? I so see a reflexologist often who just deal with feet which might be worth a try. Hope your in less pain soon. xx


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