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I have finally got the results of my last MRI scan of my spine.

Starting with my lumber spine, apparently the disc above my fusion is obviously in a bit of a mess but at the moment it is not impinging on any nerves.

My thoracic spine has not altered at all from the last MRI, which means that the good news is that the two that are bulging slightly are not causing any nerve damage.

They found that the disc under the fusion in my cervical spine (neck) isn’t so good and has some slight nerve impingement. They said that any type of surgery for this would only be advised if I cannot cope with the pain anymore.

They think I am in a lot of pain at the moment as my pain killer (tramadol) has simply just stopped working for me. I’ve been on that pain killer for over 10 years now so it didn’t surprise me.

I am now being referred to a Professor of Medicine who will look at different drugs I could try for the pain and I am also going to have a different type of injection when I go for my next session.

I wasn’t surprised with the findings, but I was surprised that it ‘wasn’t’ the bone spur that was causing all the pain in my cervical area. Hopefully, a new set of drugs will do the trick.

12 thoughts on “MRI RESULTS…”

  1. Good! At least you are a little clearer about some aspects…..:yes: Hopefully, you can get alternate, more effective medication in place soon! Fingers Crossed! Hugs! xx


    1. Thanks Kate, I actually had my injection appointment for a week on Saturday but it’s the day my son comes home from Australia for a couple of weeks, so like I said to gilly, I will have a smile on my face no matter what pain I’m in :)) xx


    1. Thanks gilly, I had a phone call straight after my consultant had phoned me to book me in for the injections but it was the day my son comes home from Australia for 3 weeks so I put it off until July. Having my son home will put a smile on may face no matter what pain I may be in :)) xxx


    1. Thanks foxhat, advances in pain relief have been amazing over the last 10 years with pain clinics popping up all over the UK. Once I’ve got back in control of my pain I will be much happier.


  2. At least you have a better understanding of what is going on so all you need now is something different that works on the pain will pray that comes soon xxx


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