Looking at myself looking ill is not something I like seeing. So, come hell or high water, no matter how rough I feel I ‘always’ make the effort with how I look. I honestly think that it helps you deal with your illness.

It’s not the first time that someone has said how well I looked ‘considering’ I am ‘supposed’ to be in so much pain !!!! I’m not really sure ‘ how I am supposed to look’, but it’s not very nice when someone says that to you.

At the end of the day, people in chronic pain have to get on with their lives. We don’t walk around with a message across our forehead saying ‘I’m in pain’, and we don’t want everyone making a fuss. But, why would you say you are in pain if your not?

It’s actually the other way around with me, the minute I’m pain free everyone knows about it and I enjoy life to the full while I can.

11 thoughts on “CAN YOU LOOK TO WELL TO BE POORLY….”

  1. What an idiotic and insensitive thing to say! It’s like all the other things that make you feel awful but don’t much affect the way you look … people tend not to believe it unless you’re looking like death warmed up! Well done Bar. You do it your way.


    1. Thanks gill, I know you should never take these things to heart but I must admit it did hit a nerve. I will do as you say and make sure I look good no matter how I feel. :))


  2. I know just what you mean.. when I feel off I go red and then people say how well I look… or they mean I am too fat and hence must be well when the weight is related to thryroid malfunction plus arthritis.I m not offered pain relief excep ibuprofen which is not much help… but there we go..


      1. I am so sorry you are not offered proper pain relief Kate. With everything available today you should be offered something to help. I’d keep asking, or see another Doctor. Take care xxxx


  3. I think it is possible that a comment might be well meant …. it would be a bit unkind to say ‘oh you look awful .. ‘ The person making the comment is probably trying to be encouraging. The subtext might be ‘you are being very brave and are doing your best not to let the pain show’ ..


    1. Yes, I agree mollie it could certainly be meant in that way but having suffered with chronic pain for so many years you can sense what they really meant.


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