Back Pain Pack

Gentleheat Limited has recently launched an innovative heat therapy product.

Their product consists of a comfortable, supportive neoprene belt, worn around the mid or lower back, or abdomen, into which a rechargeable ‘control pack’ and electronic disposable heat pad are placed. The heat pad heats up within seconds, and provides an incredible 20 hours of heat before it needs to be replaced. The user wears the belt around their waist/lower back, and the soothing heat is thereby applied directly.

If you’d like to see Gentleheat in action, please check out their product video. They also maintain a social media presence on twitter ( and on facebook (

Gentleheat differs dramatically from conventional chemical heat wraps, which can take as long as two hours to fully heat up; which do not offer any option to alter the temperature during use, and which cannot be switched off once activated. Nor is there any need for constant microwave reheating (as is the case with wheat packs), or any need to remain plugged into an electricity socket while in use (as is the case with electric heat pads).

Gentleheat is the first ‘cool’ heat therapy product to hit the market (pun intended!), being wearable, rechargeable, discreet, and fully controllable by the user. Gentleheat provides users with the freedom to go about their daily business, while still enjoying the soothing heat provided.

Their goal is to make Gentleheat the heat therapy product of choice for UK consumers.

For more details head to the Gentleheat website.


  1. They say that old habits die hard – or something like that. You posted me a comment so here I am in return.

    We both have old age back fatigue – 77 and 84 – but we are managing to cope.

    Complaining seems to make matters worse! We both agree that common sense is most important.


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