Research suggests that up to a third of women suffer from permanent problems due to wearing high heels.

High heels and ill-fitting shoes can contribute to back pain as they change the shape of the feet, which can then cause muscular, postural and gait changes caused by the increased pressure high heels put on the ball of the foot which can then place the spine out of alignment and put pressure on the back resulting in pain.

Stiletto heels cause greater pressure on the feet and can have a greater effect on the back due to the smaller surface of the heel.

If you can’t do without heels then maybe thicker heels would be more beneficial to your back.

To avoid back pain through shoes it is best not to wear high heels all the time, but to wear them occasionally and for special occasions. Wearing varying low to medium can also help.

So girls, is this the price us fashion conscious women have to pay for looking gorgeous in our high heels?

7 thoughts on “GET RID OF THOSE HIGH HEELS…”

  1. I stopped wearing any form of high heels after I had my back scan back in 2001.
    Now I have another problem which is Plantar Fasciitis – pain under your heel.
    I know what caused this ….Zumba classes… I was enjoying the dancing to much and must have over stretched the ligament in my foot 😦
    It is healing well I have had to wear those special inside soles to ease the pressure. I do like to wear a wedge for hight sometimes but not a heal.

    There are some shocking high heels around in the shoe shops,they look like lethal weapons :))

    J xx


    1. Hi Julie, sorry to hear about your Planta Fascitis – my daughter used to teach Zumba classes but ended up with too many injuries so stopped doing it. It is a very physical form of exercise. Hope yours heals soon, very painful I’m sure 😦


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