Back 2 BackBack2Back is based in the West Midlands, and specifically supports people aged between 18 – 45, whose lives have been changed or who feel frustrated and isolated by back conditions they are suffering with.

They have regular meetings and organise activities, and aim to share their experiences and knowledge, offer recommendations and exchange ideas of coping mechanisms they have found to make life a little easier.

The group’s founder, Rachael, has been through spinal surgery herself and faced a variety of back problems before even hitting her 31st birthday. Luckily, after many years suffering alone Rachael met a few fellow sufferers via friends and family.  By sharing experiences, they all learnt from each other and became more motivated to ‘carry on’ living as normal as possible through painful spinal conditions.

Fed up with the lack of support, guidance and knowledge for young chronic back sufferers, Rachael decided to offer other people an opportunity to meet up, share their stories and gain support from people who genuinely understood what they are going through… and so the Back2Back Support movement was started!

Although I’m well away from my 30’s now, my back pain started in my late 20’s and I have to agree with Rachael about how alone I felt recovering from my first spinal operation. Back in that day I didn’t even have access to the internet so there was nothing at all available to me for support. At the time of my first operation not only did I have to cope with a long recovery (months back then) but I had also just moved into the East Midlands from the North with my husband and two very young (4 & 7) children and didn’t even know a sole to help me out. It makes me wonder how I managed back then really.

The group are also looking for volunteers to help take Back2Back to the general public with fundraising events, hosting a walk and talk event throughout the UK and if you live in the area to help with general administration and event organisation.

For more details contact Rachael via the Back2Back website.

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