Sciatica is caused by the pressure of a slipped disc on the root of the sciatic nerve which results in pain down the leg, in the buttock or thigh.

My back went out while making the bed a couple of months ago and since then I keep getting bouts of sciatica. It’s strange how nature can help you to forget how painful this condition is, I guess like delivering a baby. But painful it is, sitting, bending, driving a car, lying in bed – whatever position you are in the pain is still there.

I’ve tried heat pads and muscle relaxants as well as my usual medications which seem to help a little but it still keeps popping its head up quite a lot at the moment. If you have never suffered from this sort of pain then you cannot truly know how awful it is.

I can only say that I have sympathy for anyone suffering from this quite debilitating condition and if anyone knows of any tip to help with this pain then please post it on here.

6 thoughts on “THE AGONY OF SCIATICA…

  1. Oh Bar, I’m so sorry, you of all people should not have this extra pain to deal with. I know that when my friends have had sciatica it has taken a long time to go 😦 Here’s hoping that it won’t last much longer … and a hug xx


  2. I cured mine by standing the washing up bowl on a plastic rack to raise the height and wearing shoes with a slight heel…after a doctor said it was permanent… so posture obviously affects it.


  3. Hi,

    I work with a doctor named Bill Rawls in North Carolina who has recently written a book about his struggle with fibromyalgia/CFS called “Suffered Long Enough.” He is a traditionally trained physician, but found the medical community’s treatments for his illness lacking, so he developed his own. Would you possibly be interested in writing something about the book on your blog? I’d love to give you an advanced copy if you’re interested. It’s out November 10.

    Thanks so much for your time.


    Alex Granados


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