If you have tried all the usual standard treatments for your back pain then ask your GP to refer you to a pain clinic.

There are around 300 pain clinics in Britain which provide a range of different healthcare professionals trained in the management of chronic pain, including doctors, specialist nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists.

They also offer nerve and spinal injections and pain management techniques for chronic long term pain. The best NHS website to look for anything to do with your health is the NHS Choices website.

4 thoughts on “HELP ON THE NHS FOR PAIN…

    • Hi gill – I guess for me it is a mixture of different types of medication which include, pain killers, muscle relaxants, anti inflammatories and anti depressants plus heat pads and regular nerve blocks and spinal injections. The problem I am finding now is that the injections are lasting for no where near as long as they used to! 😦 xx


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