I know a few things about pain relief and thought I would share a few websites with all sorts of different ways to help you with pain, any pain, not just back pain, acute pain, chronic pain, period pain. Whatever type of pain you are suffering maybe one of these websites might have something that could help you. – all the products on this site are heat related which I much prefer to ice but the best of these is that there is no messing with boiling water or dodgy stoppers as they just go into your microwave for a couple of minutes and they stay hot for ages. They also have back wraps which you also pop into the microwave which are really useful for travel.

wedge-coccyx-lower-back-ache-reduction-pain – I have dealt with putnams over a number of years and could not live without my ripple mattress topper and pressure cushions. I cannot praise them enough, the goods are soon with you and products are well priced. – this site is amazing and has everything you could ever need for back pain, back supports, neck supports,coccyx cushion, lumber rolls and bathing aids. Whatever you might need you will get it from here and if you spend some time browsing the pages of items they have you will be surprised what you will find.



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