essential oils

Did you know that essential oils are great for changing our emotional mood. Apparently according to Aromatherapy Associates certain oils can help with that early morning lift.

Rosemary and lavender are great and ease tension when rubbed onto tight muscles.

Vetiver (never hear of that one before) and camomile are good for calling the mind and terrific if sleep is a problem. I can certainly highly recommend camomile for your last drink at night, it works a treat for me.

Frankincense grounds and bergamot lift and refresh. But, which ever one you choose you should apply them correctly. They suggest you add three to four drops of oil to a dessertspoon of something like almond oil then use it for massage, in a bath or even dabbed on like a perfume or inhale and feel your mood change.

Aromatherapy Associates website will relax you just by looking through it, they have an abundance of gorgeous products to buy for yourself or as a gift.

essential oils

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