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Some old school Brits have this ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude towards pain and tend to then suffer in silence.

Lots of us apparently live with pain without telling anyone about it. Yet, they say, if pain is left untreated sufferers may develop further complications.

They reckon that there are around 22 million episodes of back pain every year in the UK and yet only around one in 10 of us seek medical help.

If acute pain is untreated it can lead to lots of other problems from anxiety to deep vein thrombosis from blood clots so seeking help right from the start will give you the best results.

A good website for more information on pain is Pain Concern who’s aim is to produce information on pain using a variety of media platforms, provide support for people with pain and those who care for them and whose campaigns are to raise awareness about pain and improve the provision of pain management services.



  1. I think these days there is so much more awareness in the medical profession about the problem of pain, and there has been some development in ways to manage it, which our parents never knew. I find it’s much better for me when I face up to something, and decide that I am going to try to ‘manage’ it, than if I just ‘suffer in silence’ which is how I was brought up :yes:


    1. That’s so true gilly and I am with you. I really don’t see the point in suffering if I can have something to take the pain away which I guess years ago was not even available. Take care xx


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