low back pain

The Low Back Pain Programme is an instructional, step-by-step, careful, and easy to follow, lower back exercise, eBook made in America.

It provides comprehensive, detailed, instructions, exercises, stretches and movements designed to safely and effectively treat, relieve and prevent your pain.

It relieves you of the difficult, and time consuming need to search for, and experiment with, exercises and methods that may not prove helpful, safe or relevant for treating your pain. The exercises are already chosen, complete, and ready to perform at your comfort and schedule.

The instructions range from simple postural correction and stretching, to balancing and muscular exercises. It is written with the understanding that you may have limited mobility at first and require time in order to progress.

There are 45 specific and targeted exercises, complete with over 170 full color images each with detailed instruction. Of course before embarking on any new exercise routine check with your GP first that this would be suitable fo you.

Click here to buy Low Back Pain Program

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