logo-181865826Hip Kickerswas set up in 2013 by two ladies who decided to design a garment which would help with lower back pain.

They both enjoyed various sports but suffered from lower back pain and wanted to try and design something that would soothe their backs. They spent time testing and sourcing the right material for the belt and to make it as comfortable as possible.

They wanted to make it as comfortable as possible so decided to design it as a step-into garment with no bulky fastenings. They also wanted it to have an integral pocket which could hold a heatpad to soothe the lower back and so the ‘Hip Kickers’ was born.

I have a made to measure lower back pain corset which was made for me after my last surgery and I have been using it recently because my low back has been so bad. It has made a tremendous difference so I am quite sure with the added heat pad it must be worth every penny.



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