Deprived Sleep...

So… I am now a few more days down the line from the start of cutting down on my pain medication.

While your body tries to adjust to the change in weather at this time of year your pain does seem to be exacerbated, but this is very common for Fibromyalgia sufferers.

By Saturday evening I was well and truly ready for something a tad stronger than I was taking for my pain so I decided on a small gin and tonic. It is something I usually enjoy when we go out, but something I hardly ever indulge in at home. However, I felt the muscle relaxant in the gin would be the tonic I needed.

It helped for a short time, but I felt sure it would ensure a better night’s sleep as since cutting down on my medication sleep deprivation has been rife.

Many Fibromyalgia sufferers have sleep problems even if they have a rest during the day. But having a few ‘good’ hours sleep can make all the difference. I’m sure I am not alone in also suffering most days with an overwhelming feeling of fatigue. I can honestly say that sometimes I have felt so tired, that I thought I would fall asleep standing up. But even an afternoon nap is not the same as having a ‘proper’nights sleep.

I have not been able to reduce my medication anymore at the moment but I am pleased with how I am coping so far.

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