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One of the most popular New Year Resolutions is to lose weight and get fit, but most don’t even make it to the end of the first week.

With so many weight loss/keep fit regimes available it’s quite difficult to decide which route to go down. But some people struggle to even try due to the type of chronic pain they are in.

Exercise in particular can be a real challenge for people in pain and following a strict diet when you are struggling to just get through the day is another hurdle they have to deal with.

Fortunately there is more help at hand now than there ever was. With access to the internet available to just about everyone no matter what their disability is, you can soon find help online.

Some of the most inspiring stories can be found through weight loss groups but with online support this can also be achieved if you are at home alone. If physical exercise is difficult to achieve then again you can find some easy exercises that you could do from your chair to help built up some strength. A good way to keep up with your progress is to write it all down or use an online diary to keep a note of how you are doing.

My Mum used to say that there was no such a word as ‘can’t’ as everyone can at least ‘try’ before they can say they have failed.

Some really useful FREE and supportive online groups/websites that I have found are Weight Loss Buddy , 3 Fat Chicks and also the NHS has a list of weight loss groups. I had the help of my local nurse who weighed me regularly and encouraged me when I was struggling. She understood that it would take a lot longer for me to lose weight and get fit while in constant pain but I managed to lose a stone last year and have kept that stone off since then. I guess the main thing to remember is to NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP.

Being a better weight and feeling fit has be proven to help people in constant pain which can have a knock on effect on reducing your pain killers and sleeping better.

2 thoughts on “NEW YEAR, NEW HEALTH REGIME…”

  1. As you know, Bar, I am a big fan of yours and I think it’s amazing that you set yourself a target of losing weight – and you not only managed it but kept it off! I’m afraid the image is a little too small for me to read – can you tell me the title please?


  2. Hi Gill, Thanks for your kind words, you are so sweet. Is it the name of the book you want,? It’s the one I have written ‘Over One Hundred Tips and Ways to Lose Weight’, if you have a Kindle is perfect for that 🙂
    Happy New Year by the way – hope you have a healthy and happy 2016 – take care xxxxxx


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