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It’s been a while since I’ve had a Fibromyalgia flare up, and certainly one as bad as this.

Fibromyalgia flare ups are a temporary increase in the number and/or intensity of symptoms.  Extreme fatigue, aching joints, tender muscles and general weariness can interrupt your day and leave you worrying about your deteriorating condition. Luckily, worsening symptoms usually have a distinct cause, and with the right approach, they can be treated directly and effectively. Get to the bottom of intensifying fibro fatigue and discomfort before you try to treat it. Some flare ups can last a few days to a few weeks and there are a number of causes for them.

Change in the weather is the most common cause. Over exertion and stress are another two factors that can trigger a flare up which I think is what has caused mine, as I have been very busy for the last two weeks caring for my father after he collapsed.

While I was busy caring for him I seemed to be ok but then after coming back home my adrenaline seemed to just collapse and then the pain triggered off. Of course there are other things that can cause a flare up which include illness or injury, hormonal changes, temperature changes, lack of sleep, treatment changes, travelling and individual sensitivities.

I am also due for my spinal injections in a couple of weeks so I guess that doesn’t help but the only thing you can do when you have a flare up is to get as much rest as possible. If you can cope with the pain of a hands on massage then that could also help but generally it’s just a case of waiting for it to pass.

There is lots of help and advice online about Fibro Flare Ups from Fibromyalgia New Life Outlook, and UK Fibromyalgia.



  1. So sorry, Bar – gentle hugs! I’m having a flare-up too 😦 It’s sooooooooooooo annoying, not only the discomfort but also we just can’t plan too far ahead as we don’t know how we’re going to be 😦 😦


  2. Oh no, it is a drag, one minute your ok and then the next…… you take care and rest up. I slept solid for two hours this afternoon which helped the pain xxxx


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