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This brilliant site Fed Up with Fatigue has this list of 12 bloggers who shared their best tips for reducing symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Top of the list is Sarah Borien from A Life Less Physical who emphasizes that for her ‘Heat,heat and more heat, it’s simple easy and inexpensive’. As I am sure you will have seen from my other posts heat is by far the first port of call I use when I am having a bad day.

Donna Grant from February Stars said ‘Stop pushing yourself beyond your limitations’.

Donna Gregory from Fed up with Fatigue said ‘Finding a doctor who understands and cleaning up her diet’, helped her.

Kristine Kersting from A Life Well Read said ‘Getting eight hours sleep or at least and finding ways to make sure I get 4 -5 hours of uninterrupted sleep’.

Rachael Korinek from Any Treatment.com said ‘Meeting up with other patients online for their take on different treatments that helped’.

Kim Penix from Grace is Sufficient said ‘Reducing stress’ works for her.

Julie Ryan from Counting my Spoons said ‘Removing gluten and avoiding processed foods’, worked wonders for her.

Stella Bernadi from FMS e News said ‘Helping other people and knitting’.

Kirsten Schultz from Not Standing Still’s Disease said ‘Going gluten free and the drug Lyrica’ was her lifesaver.

Tami Stackelhouse from Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute and My Restored Health said ‘Show yourself the same kind of care you would give a loved one’.

Melissa Swanson from Fibro Warriors – Living Life said ‘Find out what treatments work best for yourself’.

Melissa Reynolds from Confessions of a Fibro Mama said ‘Looks after yourself holistically’.

Everyone of the above blogs are well worth a visit.



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