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People who are in chronic pain need an understanding GP who delivers quality of care. Many sufferers can feel as if they are unheard and not respected by their GP’s. This can only cause more problems to the patient who is already suffering badly.

Patients look at their GP’s for help and belief that they have the comprehension of what they are going through. Numbers on a scale do not mean much for a patient whose pain is chronic, constant and not improving.

Patients prefer their GP to also be open to them trying alternative types of pain relief, anything that might make a difference to their life in pain. Treatments like Yoga, acupuncture, massage and other therapies may only give a chronic pain sufferer some light relief, but to someone in chronic pain any relief is better than none at all.

Just by a GP being compassionate of how a person in chronic pain has to deal with life can actually ‘help’ a sufferer. So many say they suffer from the usual stigmatization of chronic pain and have no one they can talk to about their problems.

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