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Crystals are decorative, fascinating gemstones and come in all shapes and sizes. They have magical powers and properties and they generate, store, regulate, transmit and transform energy. 􀀁It is a holistic therapy that has been used since ancient times for physical healing.


So, if you were deficient in a specific type of energy, you were given a specific stone to wear. 􀀁Everything in the universe is made up of some sort of energy. The chair you sit on, the cup you drink out of. When a person’s mind or body is in disharmony through unsettled thoughts or disease, a crystal placed on or near the person is supposed to transform the person to a state of balance and harmony. 􀀁

By putting out good vibes, they harmonise the atmosphere and transmit good energy. This energy means that crystals can be used for certain tasks, such as directing healing energy to a specific point that may have a blockage. 􀀁
While you wear your crystal as jewellery or in a pouch, the crystal vibrations work continuously on your imbalances. They say it is important to keep the crystal on you all the time (24hrs a day) for at least 21 days in order for the cleansing process to be initiated. 􀀁


It can take up to three to four months or longer to harmonise your body and if you carry on wearing the stones or crystals after that period, it is believed that you will achieve continuous stability. 􀀁 The Therapy Directory – explains in great detail about crystal therapy and can help you find a crystal therapist near you. 􀀁
A new book published in 2016 has lots of information on the subject ‘Crystals: The Complete Guide to Crystals: Heal Yourself with Crystals and Healing Stones by John Brocobe. 

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In this book you will learn how to recognize the difference between crystals, stones and some minerals while discovering the secrets to healing yourself with crystal energy. You will learn how to cleanse, energize and program stones to work with your body’s natural energies.

You will gain knowledge of the seven main Chakras and their importance in the health of your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. You will learn about the ease with which you can achieve noticeable differences in your general health. Before long you will also be able to guide your family and friends to overall improved well-being.

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