If you have seen my previous posts I had a month struggling with really bad pain after going off my Tramadol for a try at Duloxetine.

It’s taken about a week to settle down and the biggest improvement has been in my sleep now that I can take my Amatryptyline at the strength I was taking before. My afternoon sleeps over the last week have been long and quite relentless but my hubby just kept saying that I must need it.

I do feel in control again and can take some extra Tramadol as and when but my sciatica pain is slowly but surely getting more and more irritating. It doesn’t seem to like any chair, settee or bed at the moment and the usual top of my Tramadol only seems to last for a short time.

I’m back at the hospital on Tuesday for some more physiotherapy for my neck but the sciatica pain is ten times worse so I really do hope she can help me out with some exercises and gives me the all clear to try the tennis ball one.  I’m not expecting miracles but any help would be greatly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “BACK IN CONTROL OF MY PAIN…. I THINK!!!!”

  1. Ow ow ow. So pleased the medication is working but so sorry to hear that the sciatica is worse. Do hope the hospital can give you some effective relief. Hugs xxxx


  2. Thanks Gill, it’s driving me crazy. As I write this I am nearly flat with a hot pad plugged in to help with the pain . I can’t get comfortable in ANY position at the moment. Keep your fingers crossed for me xx


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