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Hip pain, low back pain, groin pain – are they all connected to one condition or many conditions?

I’ve been suffering this year with my lumber spine and my usual medication and injections have not helped it much at all. My pain consultant wanted to try me on a new nerve drug as he felt it was nerve related. This did nothing so he referred me for some more physiotherapy to see if that could help.

It was my second appointment today and over the last three weeks it has gone from bad to worse and is now going into my hip and my groin. It was so bad today that my physiotherapist decided she would not treat me but refer me back to see my consultant as she felt that maybe an xray of my hip is needed.

According to the Cleveland Clinic back problems can masquerade as hip problems. “There is a lot of overlap,” says hip specialist Trevor Murray, MD. Most pain from hip and back problems is due to ordinary wear and tear on the body. Hip problems usually produce groin pain on the affected side. That’s because the actual joint of the hip is near the spine.

“Groin pain is a hip issue until proven otherwise,” says back pain specialist Russell DeMicco, DO. “Pain above the belt line is not a hip issue.

Hip symptoms are –

  • Pain is in your groin
  • Discomfort comes and goes, becoming more frequent over time
  • Pain worsens with standing, walking and activity, and is relieved by rest
  • You feel stiff
  • You walk with a limp

Back symptoms are –

  • Is limited to your back, buttocks or hip
  • Shoots down your leg
  • Worsens with sitting or bending
  • Improves when standing or walking

There is also the possibility of having the double whammy and have problems with both your hip and your back 😦 I guess I shall just have to wait until I see my consultant in the middle of June to find out my outcome.



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