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Fibromyalgia is not just seen in women, men suffer it as well. FibroMen is a website that has been set up to raise awareness of the syndrome and providing information to help men, their families, partners and carers with diagnosis, treatment and coming to terms with the condition.

FibroMen was established by a long-term “FibroMan” who failed to get treatment at the start of his symptoms, who put it down to over-exertion and ended up in hospital on a few occasions and who now has life-long auto-immune conditions on top of fibro – the message is simple “Get Checked Out!” – if it’s fibromyalgia you probably won’t be cured, but you’ll learn how to cope and live with it. FibroMen exists to raise public awareness of fibromyalgia in men and to inform, support and empower sufferers, their families and carers”.


They want you to raise awareness by either writing on their blog  or tell your story for other fellow sufferers to read. You can also find them on their twitter site.




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