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Back in 1987 I found out that I had Spina bifada occula and a disc herniation and canal stenosis. I was given a L4/5 discetomy to help ease the pain. By 1999 I needed further surgery to L3/4 with a syn cage inserted to support my ailing back.

This surgery was no where near as successful as the first so in 2005 I had the ‘IDET’ procedure at L3/4 for an annula tear. This helped a bit but I’ve been on lots of medication and have regular injections instead of any further surgery which just doesn’t seemed to have helped me.

Recently though I’ve been in a real mess with my pain which has become far worse and when I told the Physiotherapist my concerns she did a few checks and decided to not touch me but to send me straight back to my consultant as she was suspicious it could even be my hip.

I saw my consultant last night who said that on my MRI scan of 2014 it showed a moderate bulge at L3/4 but it was not compressed or trapping any nerves. After checking me over he thinks that maybe it is now pressing on the nerves and is sending me for an up to date MRI.

I was due to have my usual injections on Friday but this has been cancelled as he said he may need to give me an injection into my nerve, if this is the problem to calm it down a bit. He told me not to worry and that I could top up my medication a bit until we get the results but I will just have to wait a few weeks for the scan and then it’s results.

I guess when I think about what work I have already had done on my spine that the disc above all the work would degenerate sooner rather than later as that has to do all the work, but I do hope it’s something that can be eased a bit with a simple injection.







  1. I’m so sorry, Bar. I’m sure you would love to have this all sorted out and pain-free and we would love that to happen for you. I guess you’re resigned to the pain now, but I do hope that the medics can give you some more effective pain relief. I hope too that they will finally get to the bottom of what is causing all the pain, and be able to do something about it. Do take care of yourself. Hugs xx


    1. Thanks Gill, my MRI is next week so hopefully we will soon know but the letter from my consultant to my GP talks mainly about a nerve problem at L4 and sciatica. I’m fine standing and lying flat it’s sitting on certain chairs and soft furniture that hurts the most, but you know me, I just keep going and won’t give in to it. 🙂

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  2. back pain since 1971,now scoliosis,restless legs,shots,physcial theraphy,kiopractor etc. extreme pain at times lumbar area,cant seem to take the pain away with out druges,want take them


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