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I love going to the Spa for a day with my girlfriends. I find the heat of the sauna, and steam room help me to relax.

I don’t usually ask for a massage as I am always worried that it could stir things up rather than help with Fibromyalgia pain and so I usually go for a pedicure or facial instead.

However, when I had my last trigger point injections I was explaining to the pain consultant that nothing seems to be of any help to the pain in between my shoulder blades and down my arm ( something which is very common with Fibro sufferers), and I said that I feel I could do with someone to have a good dig and release some of the tension with a good massage.

He then said that one of the Physiotherapists he uses specializes in this type of massage and booked me an appointment to see her.

Over the years I have tried acupuncture for that area,  heat pads and have had trigger point injections there as well. All the treatments worked initially but the relief was not long lasting so I was keen to let the Physiotherapist work her magic. And work her magic she did, my goodness me, it was a tad painful but she really dug deep and released the knots and gave me specific easy exercises to work on that area.


I have to wait 4 weeks between each treatment and the pain relief is evident up to the four weeks. I am just dreading finishing this course of treatment in case it comes back as painful as it was before. But I think that next time I have a spa day with the girls I will book a back and shoulder massage. I would certainly recommend this to any Fibro sufferer.

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For more information on help with the pain of Fibromyalgia head to the Fibro Blogger Directory where you will find many articles and links to other sufferes.

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