After a lot of research online I found that there are only two back pain support groups online or otherwise in the UK. Although there are a large number of chronic pain and fibromyalgia support groups, back pain help seems to be lacking.

Incredible when you think that back pain disorders are reaching epidemic level in the UK.

The few I found included Back Pain Support Group Online  which is a site that has multiple health related support groups and where you can just join simply by filling in a form and writing your posts for others to support you, or you support other back pain sufferers.

BackCare has to be the UK’s biggest site on everything to do with back pain including online support and a magazine. It was the brainchild of a local businessman Stanley Grundy who established the charity in August 1968 after injuring his own back caused by a sailing accident. He felt there was a lack of information and support for back pain sufferers during that time. You can become a member for free and receive their monthly email newsletter and /or become a subscriber for the TalkBack Magazine for £28 for 12 months.

They hold regular events, have a number of local branch networks and regional representatives who can provide information to people with back pain. At the time of writing this they had 13 groups throughout the UK.

If you know of any UK based charities specifically for Back Pain then please let us  all know the details.

Back Care Logo






  1. Ah thanks Gill. I was hoping to have tried that tea for you but still haven’t got round to getting all the ingredients but will let you know if it’s good. Take care xx


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