Below is an email I had from Amanda Wray, Administrative Assistant, National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association.  She asked me if I would share this petition with fellow bloggers here and on other media sites. The initiative is very import to the future of chronic pain treatments. Please feel free to copy to other pain sufferers to sign. Thanks
Dear fellow advocate,
The NFMCPA, with Consumer Pain Advocacy Task Force (CPATF), recently launched a White House Petition in support of a better future for people with debilitating, life-altering chronic pain.

We need your help to make treatment of life-altering, chronic pain a national priority. Please join us to urge patients and supporters to sign the White House Petition calling to implement and fund the National Pain Strategy (NPS). If the petition fails to meet the 100,000 signature threshold by August 12th, it will not receive a response. Patients and families can’t afford silence from the Administration any longer on why there’s been no movement to fully enact the NPS.

The National Pain Strategy is a first-of-its-kind blueprint for improving chronic pain care in America, that increases research of pain treatments, medical training for clinicians, and awareness of chronic pain as a disease of epidemic proportions. Without an outcry from patients and advocates, NPS may not be implemented or funded at all. The chronic pain epidemic must be addressed immediately by fully implementing and funding the NPS.

Here are three EASY ways you can help:

  • Sign the petition and share it with friends and family (Note: To complete the signing process, you must click the signature confirmation link White House sends you in an email after you sign)

  • Write a blog or record a video saying why you signed the petition and support the National Pain Strategy, urging your followers to sign and share the petition, too.

    • link to the petition at

    • Talk about why you speak for people with debilitating, life-altering chronic pain using the #ISpeakForPain hashtag

    • Say why the chronic pain stigma needs to be lessened, why chronic pain patients need to be heard, or why you do what you do to help chronic pain patients, etc.

  • Share the NFMCPA’s social media content from our facebook page at and retweet us (@FibroandPain)

Please send any content you’d like us to promote as a part of the#ISpeakForPain campaign drive for 100,000 signatures, and the NFMCPA will share it on social media. To learn more about the National Pain Strategy and what it will do to improve pain care, visit

Together, we can champion the National Pain Strategy and achieve a better tomorrow where all patients receive quality, evidence-based pain management care, tailored to their needs.

In solidarity, Jan F. Chambers, president of the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association (NFMCPA)


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