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According to ‘Fibromyalgia Treating‘, there are certain things that you should NEVER say to a health insurance company about your condition.

Never say the word ‘Fibro-Fog’, instead say ‘I have difficulty in finding my words’, or ‘I forget important things’.

Never say the words ‘it hurts all over’ but instead say ‘it hurts behind my should blades and upper arms and lower back etc’.


Never say ‘I have good days and bad days’, instead say ‘my doctor’s treatment plan advises staying as active as I can, but I have a hard time functioning afterwards’.

Finally never say ‘I sleep all the time’, but instead say ‘following my treatment plan is exhausting and physical activity causes me great fatigue’.

For a more in-depth view on the how to’s with your insurance company take a look at this posting on Fibromyalgia Treating website.


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