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Memoirs of a Physiotherapist, ‘Fate Takes Two Hands‘, was written by my mother-in-law and edited by myself.

Her story starts in Manchester in 1916, where at the age of seven she was taken to a pantomime with her parents to see Peter Pan. From that day forward she set her sights on being on the stage with her name in lights. However, her mother and father had other plans for her. She tried every trick in the book to avoid going down their chosen career route. That was until she met Audrey, who changed her direction in life….

This poignant true story revolves around the 2nd world war and her treatments to many young and old patients struck down with terrible disease/conditions during that period. It also includes her quest from the age of being seven to be on the stage but fate seemed to take her into a different ‘theatre’, that of the operating one.

It’s taken me a few years to carefully read and copy the memoir which was handwritten in a notebook with no paragraphs or chapters and in writing which was sometimes quite difficult to decipher. But I got there in the end and hope she would be proud of the finished product as although she is not with us anymore, I am sure she can see that she has finally got her ‘name in lights’ as she has always wanted.


2 thoughts on “MEMOIRS OF A 1930’S PHYSIOTHERAPIST …”

  1. Thanks Gill, yes it was something I promised my mother in law – I just wish she had lived to see it but she would have been over 100 now. It took me a looooooong time getting through her pages and pages of really old fashioned writing but I got there in the end 🙂


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