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The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs is on BBC 1 at 9 pm on Thursday September 15th.

Over two episodes, Dr Chris van Tulleken is conducting a revealing experiment that investigates whether many of us might not actually need the prescriptions we take, as experts explain that the overuse of medicine is one of the biggest problems the health-care system in the country now faces.

Van Tulleken meets patients suffering from depression and chronic pain problems who have been taking their pills for years. You will see how some will manage given a placebo pill instead. They say the results will give you much to think about the next time you visit your doctor.

As a chronic pain sufferer and pill taker for the last 15 – 20 years I will be very interested in this short series. I will definitely be blogging on it and you never know I might be making an appointment to see my pain consultant after the two shows.


  1. Every so often in the media this thought comes along, that it’s all about ‘mind over matter’ and we just need to be fooled into thinking that we need drugs to help. I do wonder how you would manage without any, Bar. Anyone who suffers with a chronic condition and who tried for years to manage without any medical intervention, knows what a difference the right drug at the right level will make. I’ll be most interested to read your take on this programme!


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