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Exactly a week ago I had the some facet joint injections in my low back. I’ve had other lumber injections from epidurals to trigger point injections but never a facet joint injection which is used mainly if they think you have osteoarthritis in your facet joints.

According to BUPA facet joint injections can help to diagnose and sometimes to treat neck and back pain that originates in your facet joints. Each of the vertebrae in your spine has a set of facet joints, which stabilise your back and allow your spine to move.

Facet joint injections can confirm if your pain is coming from your facet joints and if you need further treatment such as radiofrequency denervation. It can also sometimes help to treat neck or back pain caused by inflammation of your facet joints. This can happen if the joints worn down by conditions such as osteoarthritis.

This type of treatment is widely used for the treatment of chronic back pain due to Facet Joint disease. A Facet joint injection is not a cure for the cause of your pain, but it is used to help reduce the level of your pain. The injection contains a mixture of local anaesthetic and steroid.

I had it done on the NHS at the Circle Nottingham in theatre and under x ray and could not have been happier with my treatment. As I haven’t had these before the nurse suggested I kept a diary of my pain ready for when they phone me back in six weeks to see how I have got on since the injections.

One week on I have ‘NO‘ lumber pain whatsoever and have not had any of my strong pain killers (Tramadol) since last Thursday evening after the procedure as it seemed to stir things up. I cannot remember the last time I have felt this pain free in my lumber spine and hope it lasts and lasts. If you find them successful then you can have them done at intervals of four months.

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