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According to Fibromyalgia Treating The National Fibromyalgia and Pain Association says to keep an eye out for a drug called Effirma which is already used to treat chronic pain in other countries, but is still in the trial phase in the United States.

It is apparently between Phase II and Phase III of the process. The other drug they highlight is manufactured by the same company as Effirma, but works very differently and is currently known as TNX-102. An under-the-tongue tablet for rapid delivery, TNX-102 has been used as a muscle relaxant, but has also been effective in musculoskeletal pain, pain sensitivity, and fatigue. Learn more.

It seems like nearly every ailment on the planet can be mitigated by a little bit of exercise. “But I’m too tired to exercise,” you protest. “I couldn’t even get to the mailbox today.” That’s ok. Some days are better than others, so on those “better” days, the Mayo Clinic recommends moderate low-impact aerobic activity, such as walking, to allay pain and stiffness. This is not a recommendation to become an ultra-marathoner. But sustained walking, yoga, tai chi, and other low-impact physical activity can often do a much better job than prescription drugs in the long-term.These are not blanket statements. Each body is a different body. Every person responds differently to different treatment, even identical twins.



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