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Never give up

Chronic pain sufferers often have to adjust their hopes and dreams, their lifestyles and even their employment prospects. This can then have a knock on effect and end up leading to depression and anxiety.

Different chronic pain conditions bring with them different levels of emotional symptoms and together with the number of drugs we take to deal with our conditions, we seem to end up with an emotional mix up.When we are in pain or distress or feeling isolated and helpless it changes our personality. This is a typical example of what has happened to me recently.

After having some facet joint injections for the pain in my back I was pain free for the first time for a number of years. My head felt so much clearer, and lots of my friends commented on how bright my eyes looked and how well I looked. I felt a million dollars then with a flick of a switch my back went into spasm and my pain free world came to an abrupt end.

It soon came back to me how little I could do with this awful pain but I so desperately wanted to avoid going back down the medication route as I had managed to stop taking my strong opioids, and loved the clear heading feeling I had started to become accustomed to.

My fight and flight mechanism was telling me to go back to taking my strong drugs or hide away in my own little world of pain and loneliness. After having had so many comments from friends on how well I looked, it made me feel like I should hide away from seeing anyone as the tell tale sign in my eyes and posture would show I was back to square one again.

I guess anyone in chronic pain will grab the opportunity of some pain free time to enjoy life as a normal person be it for a few days/weeks or months but the hardest part is accepting that after a short respite your usual pain would be back before you know it.

One of my friends bought me the tile above with ‘never, never, never give up’  on it, which I keep in plain site for me to see when I am going through a rough patch.

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