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I was enjoying the best pain free period I have had for years and years after my first taste of facet joint injections.

I could count on both hands the amount of comments from friends who said how well I looked. Everyone of them saying how my eyes looked bright and clear.

I guess hoping it would last longer than a couple of weeks was a big ask as when the pain came back it came back with a vengence.

It seemed to me to be twice as bad but in retrospect I think my mind was playing games with me after being pain free for a few weeks.

Nature has such a clever way of making you forget pain.

My flare up happened a week before we were due to go away for a couple of weeks to some warm sunshine so I was convinced it would soon settle down.

How wrong I was. Instead it has been harder to cope with being away from home. I would never let it spoil my holiday but it has given me time to evaluate and realise how organised you should be when you go away in case of a flare-up.

Personally I would recommend that you always make sure you have some of your own personal comforts with you whenever I go away. By personal comforts I mean, heat pads, pillow, and extra medication.

Being prepared for flare-ups is the key to control your pain. I never leave for a break that is longer than a couple of days without my own pillow, heat pad, lumber cushion and a special corset for my back. I once forgot some of my pain medication when I was going on a cruise and the only thing the Doctor on board the ship could offer me was liquid Tramadol. I was terrified I would od on it so hardly used it but I learnt my lesson and always double check I have enough plus more in case of an emergency.

Chronic pain sufferers enjoy a holiday just like the average Jo Blogs but we just have to put a bit more effort into creating a safety net around us should the need arise.

Of course taking your Kindle (or similar) is also beneficial as it stops you from feeling alone. You can write it down like I am doing or go and check out the many pain websites. My top two being Chronic Illness Bloggers and Fibro Bloggers. You can soon find someone who is suffering just like you are.


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