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There should be no excuse nowadays that you need help to motivate yourself to get fitter and healthier as there are a vast amount of apps available to help you along the way. You can even get paid, help a charity, wake up to Yoga and be motivated on a daily basis.

My top six are all FREE to download.

  1. Pact App – Pact uses cash stakes to help you achieve your health goals, week after week.  FREE untitled
  2. Charity Miles – Walk your dog, go for a run, or cycle around the neighbourhood which will all help to raise money for charity and make you feel good at the same time. FREE charity-app
  3. The Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout – the fast simple based app to workout anywhere, any time in just 7 minutes. All you need is a chair. FREE watch_image
  4. My Fitness Pal – A mobile app and website that gives you a ton of tools for tracking what you eat, how many calories you burn through activity and lots more. Some brilliant recipes on this site. FREE api_clients_356_2_10_0_99067-png
  5. Couch to 5k – This free 8 week program gives users 3 workouts per week and is suitable for novice runners. FREE top
  6. Yoga Wake Up – Start your day with a quick morning yoga session. This app delivers 10 minute sessions, each one slightly different. It’s FREE but does have optional in-app purchases. It can also be used in place of an alarm clock with the Yoga session waking you up. screen696x696

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